BitFlip Collision Meter (Automatic Module)

Demonstration of the BitFlip Collision situation Version: BFC_H7n15

How many letters in the alphabet? :

How many bits in each letter-key: (select an even number!)

How many flipping rounds?

How many bits to flip?

Mathematical chance for no collision: 46.44%

Out of 100 flipping attempts, 49 were collision-free. Ratio: 49%
Using an alphabet of 4 letters, where each letter is represented with 12 bits 6 of them flipped.

Theoretical and Experimental Results are 5% apart

In this test, on average you have tried 2.04 times to find a collision free cipher letter.

The lower the hit ratio, the more crack-resistant the cipher!

Low hit ratio increases encryption time, but does not affect the decryption process