The Unending CyberWar
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Table of Contents:
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  • CyberWar Stories Read a Sample
  • Information/Communication Technology Overview
  • Tools & Products
  • Selected Advanced Topics
  • Action Principles for CyberSecurity

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    The Action Principles of The Unending CyberWar

    1. You measure security by the effort needed to compromise it.

    2. Computer security is comprised of three interrelated aspects: technology, procedures, human element. You emphasize the aspect you feel most comfortable with, the hacker exploits the aspect you are least comfortable with.

    3. The Weakest-Link Principle: give it priority; its weakness is the system's weakness, (but you have to find it first - before the hacker does).

    4. Security action is warranted, justified, and driven by the threat, (not by inertia).

    5. Role-play your attacker to better anticipate his next move.

    6. Security scenarios: a planning tool, and a training tool -- if you consider enough of them, you will be ready for the actual one.

    7. Threat is measured by the multiplication of the chances for an attack to happen, times its damage if it happens. Address threats by their ranked measurement.

    8. The Cyberwar is a race of imagination. If a hacker imagines an attack scenario you did not have the imagination to anticipate - you are done for.

    9. Security is measured by its reducing the damage of an attack, and/or its likelihood, compared to its cost of deployment, and burden of use.

    10. The Cyberwar is unending -- deploy for its duration.

    11. Commonsense, alertness, wakefulness - are your ultimate weapons. Unleash them! Nurture them; don't let them wash away by day-dreaming, pettiness, fear, panic, fatigue, apathy, and by low self esteem.

    12. Convenience increases vulnerability: added cyber risk is the price of added cyber-convenience.

    13. Security is enhanced by tapping the wisdom of the relevant community of stakeholders, (rather than relying on yesterday's 'genius').

    14. It's not the break-in, it's the lopsided response that often aggravates the security damage.

    15. "You Win Some, You Lose Some": There is life after a cyber-loss: bounce back!

    16. He who sees clearly his best 'next move' can afford to be vague -- even stupid -- about everything else; he who is well learned about everything else except his best 'next move' should study history, rather than practice security (or anything else).

    17. Cryptographic variety is the best insurance against cryptographic catastrophe. 18. Freedom without privacy, is not. Privacy without deniability, is not. Deniability without cryptography, is not. US Patent 6,823,068.

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    Avivah Litan Recommends The Unending CyberWar as a Must Read for Many Years to Come

    Gideon Samid's latest book on CyberSecurity in a 'must read' for both seasoned security professionals and novices caught in the 'unending CyberWar.' The author employs an innovative approach to his book, combining the hardcopy text with a companion cyber version that enables dynamic updates and non-linear traversal of the material as it continues to evolve. Combined with an interactive forum for public contributions, this book is sure to live on as an all inclusive tutorial and framework that will provide high value to security professionals for many years to come.

    The book offers a pragmatic tutorial that gives an in-depth analysis of threat identification and responses. It also provides a valuable framework for developing and implementing effective response systems to particular threats, and covers technological and human aspects critical to success in defeating cyberthieves. Insightful discussions unearth the mysteries of complex technological concepts, such as cryptanalysis and multi-layer cryptography, for both the layman and the security expert. Exploration of hacker motivations and modus operandi further expand the security professional's ability to effectively fight the cybercriminals off. The book is rounded off by intriguing essays on cybercrime and more indepth coverage of relevant foundational technologies, security tools and products. All in all a comprehensive, engaging, readable, informative and dynamic piece of work that will give the 'good guys' the weapons and armor they need to win this war.

    Avivah Litan is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research. Her area of expertise includes financial fraud, authentication, identity theft, fraud detection and prevention applications and other areas of information security and risk. She also covers payment systems and financial flows in the business-to- consumer and business-to-business markets

    Press Review (Newsvine):

    The author communicates technical and security concepts in easily grasped terms. He wrote a compelling and understandable book on the importance of a systematic evaluation of one's security profile. Your security is only as good as the weakest link in the chain.

    The Author

    Gideon Samid, PhD, is an old hand in security matters; a former Israeli Intelligence officer, now The Chief Technology Officer for AGS Encryptions Ltd., and a professor of engineering at Case Western Reserve University.