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Gideon's Monthly Security Notes

  • To Publish, or not to Publish -- a Major WEB Vulnerability
  • Introducing the WeSecure.net Initiative
  • Tips To Help Your Customers Fend off Phishing And Vishing
  • Data Mining Can Catch the Innocent with the Guilty
  • A 'Mark of Cain' Could Deter Data Thieves
  • The Threat Posed by Rogue Mints and Peer-to-Peer Currency
  • For Spontaneous Web Payment, Trade PINs, Not Cash
  • There's a Weapon That Can Beat Cryptotermites, But Few Use It
  • The Customer Is King, His Data a Slave
  • Theft Is Bad Enough, But Beware the Aftershocks
  • What to Look for in an Online Security System
  • Are We Ready for Quantum Cryptography?
  • How Experts Are Re-Thinking Authentication Tokens
  • Why Pharming Makes Phishing Seem Like Child's Play
  • Are Merchants Prepared to Plug Their POS Data Leaks?
  • Behavior: The Good Guys' Secret Weapon
  • Paper-Integrity Technology: A New Ally in the War on Fraud
  • How our Jekyll-And-Hyde Security Regulations are Hiking Risk
  • When It Comes to Legislation, Vision Is Required
  • Why We Must Preserve Anonymity in Our Transactions
  • How About a Law That Imposes Costs for Security Flaws
  • The Myth of Invincible Encryption
  • An Internet Currency for Our Times