This Academy trains its students (1) to understand the modern threat for which cryptography is the only serious defense, (2) to understand how this defense operates, and (3) to understand how to deploy it.

Advanced classes are dedicated to tinkering with cryptography 'under the hood' and fight the Cyber War in its full depth!

This concise overview of modern cryptography is designed for cyber security professionals, programmers, IT people, and for the modern sophisticated resident of cyber space.
Various cyber security certifications (e.g. CISSP) require a good functional understanding of modern cryptography. This site is for certification seekers.
Practicing cyber security professionals often work with cryptographic tools and desire a good understanding of their functionality and vulnerabilities. This structured course based on some 50+ videos which are short (5-20 min each), is designed to serve this need.
Programmers, designers, mathematicians, engineers who received only a cursory training in modern cryptography may complement their knowledge here.
Cryptography inched itself to become a pillar of modern civil life, and any thinker, or researcher interested in the viability and prospects of modern interconnected life should make cryptography a topic of comprehension.
A growing number of citizens in modern countries are increasingly concerned about the loss of their privacy: our behavior, whereabout, purchases, travel, social activity are all brutally exposed by modern technology: cryptography represents our modern fig leaves to cover our privacy: we should learn about it to survive and thrive in the world as it is and as it becomes.
This course is logically structured, and carried out via explanatory pages, over fifty video-taped lessons, a few audio-lessons, and some linked technical papers. Anyone can surf freely and educate himself or herself. More serious students may opt for any of the available guided courses, see below.
Some of our students are well versed in the required mathematics and they can visit the pages and videos that speak math. But many others wish to comprehend cryptographic principles unentangled to their mathematical lingo -- this course caters to them too. We graduate students with a good grasp of modern cryptography and without relying on the underpinning math.
The teacher is Prof. Gideon Samid, University of Maryland, University College, and Case Western Reserve University (Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). Prof. Gideon is the Chief Technology Officer for AGS Encryptions Ltd.

Guided & Tailored Courses

Crypto-011: Expedited Review of Modern Cryptography: This course is given through three online (live), or face-to-face 2 hours sessions: opening, mid-course, conclusion. Students are guided to a learning path in between the sessions. The instructor responds to questions throughout the duration of the course. The students test their comprehension with a detailed set of quizzes. This course has two flavors: graded, and ungraded. Students in the graded course graduate with a certificate of graduation and their earned grade. Students in the ungraded flavor receive a "Certificate of Participation". The typical time for this course is 9-12 weeks. The actual teacher may vary, but all courses are supervised and under the responsibility of Prof. Samid. This course is typically given to groups of 3-12 students, but it may be given to a single student, or more than dozen. Price is affected.
Crypto-013: CSSIP Certification Support: Basic framework like Crypto-011 focused only on the material needed for the CSSIP certification; 4-9 weeks long.
Crypto-101: Cryptographic Review for Programmers: Same format as Crypto-011, designed for computer programmers set out to program cryptographic ciphers. Emphasis on the mathematical foundation and on numerical methods, includes material not presented in this free Crypto Academy.
Tailored teaching -- per case.

Contact: Gideon Samid, *