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Jens Bergman:

Great video. Really easy to understand on an important theorem. Keep up the good work!

(The Fermat Theorem)

Poona Singh:

Very clear, excellent explanation professor. Thanks !

Walter Bril

I am by no means (very) technical, but this is the first time I see such a clear explanation. So thank you so much!

Dj Mr Cool

I am not a technician or engineer, however, I found the explanation very fascinating.

Kunal Siri

Awesome sir, searched across google..found uh the best ....

Kraft Kumar

Thank you, sir, for your beautiful explanation. Super.

javier lainez

Excellent explanation...almost gave up trying to find out how it work on a simple way.

Renata Petrasova

Great explanation! thanks!


Subscribed after the first 2 minutes because of the clarity of explanation I found in this video (and later in the rest of your videos). Thank you professor! I found awesome study material on your website too.

Terry Burke

Thank you. Very informative

aveman Al Toraboran

Man I am subscribed. You are awesome.


Much appreciated.

nareshk kumar

Very very good explanation . I salute you sir!.

Pragadheshwaran Kulandhaivel

Nice explanation sir!,,,u did well in this video,,and thanks

sale mean

I like the way u initiated your presentation.It is an experience. Thank you sir


I dont know what it is about your presentations but these help me understand so well. I especially appreciate how you build the foundation first and work from there. Great lecture

Education Made Easy

Wonderful explanation shalom to you

Eldad Michaeli

You are great! Toda raba!

Caveman Al Toraboran

Amazing.... amazing. You are a great thinker and stimulate my thoughts.

Camilo Sanchez

Thank you for these videos, they are so enlightening, you explain very well.

Andrey Yaskulsky

Very nice, thanks very much. You really try to explain material for students using simple words while most of my professors just fall into narcissism trying to show their knowledge and cleverness

Maria Ehsan

Loved this, thank you very very much sir!


I don't comment on videos, but you have done an amazing job with this one. The background sounds are relaxing as well. Thank you.

Ponsuyambu Velladurai

Neat & Simple! Thanks much sir!

Jerboa Jumping Mouse

Thanks very much, very informative


Thank you very much.... if my Professors could just be that good


Thanks Gideon! Your explanation is much more clear for me than the book my university prescribed. (Security in computing)

Jerome Joel

Thanks a lot @Gideon! Loved your explanation!!! Cheers!

Atones Singh

Seen Couple videos on Youtube for AES and thats the one that I was looking for. Very nicely explained thanks Gideon Samid for this video.

Jean-Philippe Cabay

Your video was the most complete and easy to undurstand I've seen in my searches about modern cryptography. I hope you'll continue videos like this.

Alok Prabhat

Superb explanation...


Great lecture! Thank you!


Thanks for this excellent overview. Very helpful to someone starting out on the subject.

teycir bensoltane

Best video on AES on youtube

Nils Eriksson

Super informative :)

farzam noord

Very helpful for my cryptography class, thank you for your uploads


Great video! Thank you.

Lucian Kii

That was so helpful for the course I'm taking so thank you so much


Thank you. Great explanation.

Bhim Chawhan

Nice explanation..


Very nice video! It helps a lot understanding the main process of AES :-) Thanks!


Great video! You explained it very well and this will help me a lot!


Great explanation! Very interesting to watch!

Prakhar Jha

you made it so simple to understand...awesome

Nikhil Jagdale

Very well explained !

Kornelius Pasztor

This was cool, thx man u helped me a lot

Martijn Bos

That is a fine overview. I'm glad I discovered these series.

Nazeer Basha Shaik

Thank you sir, a very clear explanation :) 


most helpful video of AES on YouTube ^_^

Aqeel Sahi

You are awesome

Salaudeen Amao

The Advanced encryption Standard is a well orchestrated cryptographic system of encryption, I have now understood in summary what AES is. The big textbooks I got from the library were quite confusing, but with this I will be able to refer to the text if I am to write an essay. 

Mervin Ling

Fantastic! so easy to understand and really aided in my project!

Abraham George Chackungal

Very well explained!

Giovanni Castro

Amazing!! Thank you sir.. 


Thank you ... Excellent explanation..

Adriaan Buijtendorp

Thank you,helped me much


Love this video. Fantastic explanation. :)

Jonathan Lind

Great video! much better explanation than what I've heard so far:) Thank you for that!

Neeraj Tandon

Excellent overview. Loved the way he explained box by box.

DOMINI kemed

Awesome! Keep doing this tutorials!


What an amazing explanation, thank you Sir. Subscribed!

Paris Naraei

You are really awesome . Thank you for the videos . I am following them all.

Yuval Haran

Thank you very much! explained very well

Tharindu Weerasinghe

Really, the explanations are superb; lucid and palatable!! Thank you sir!

Ammu Bisht

Awsome explanation ... clap.. clap.. clap...

Tharindu Weerasinghe

Really, the explanations are superb; lucid and palatable!! Thank you sir!

Khalid Mgahed

I Loved IT 


You are a great teacher

Ahmad Kakar

It was a good explanation ...thanx it helped me and my classmates...

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Another wonderful video. Thank you for posting these. I really enjoy them.

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Thanks, very good explanation, helped me a lot in writing a essay about cryptography


Thank you very much sir, clear and neat

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Well Explained, Found it very Useful.....

Jens Bergman

Great video. Really easy to understand on an important theorem. Keep up the good work! ......

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