The Most Alarming Aspects of Modern Cryptography

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We have no proof that any of the commonly 'considered secure'ciphers is really secure

The security of a cipher is based on... arrogance: if we can't crack it, we assume the other side is equally clueless.

This assumed difficulty (technical term: intractability) is eroding as we speak, and no one knows how fast.

The entire civil order in the US is based on the unproven -- assumed -- 'intractability' of a handful of ciphers (E.g. AES, RSA)

The few pillar ciphers of US civil order serve as a sitting duck for powerful world-wide cyber-war organizations, who might have already cracked them, and keep this fact secret.

Cracking these few pillar ciphers will allow our adversaries to fake instructions and orders used to operate utilities, industries, hospitals, traffic, police, emergency, etc.; creating havoc in the country.

There are simple, inexpensive means to reduce the impact of such prospective calamity but it is overlooked because of group think

The US lost much of its yesterday's ability to crack the cryptographic defenses of its adversaries (new enemies, new technology).

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