Cryptography Today

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Cryptography today has crawled under the foundation of life and modern cyber reality. It serves more people for more purposes, and it has become a hot political issue mired by rumors, misinformation, and a sense of criticality.

Technology wise, our failure to prove the efficacy of the ciphers we use has shaken our confidence in the promise of this technology, and the specter of quantum computing creates serious question marks with respect to where we are going.

Western cryptography has coagulated around very few "approved" ciphers, which become a stationary target for enemies of the West. At the same time, the Third World has no trust in Western crypto institutions, and it branches off to new territories that really challenge the western cyber-spying agencies.

Crypto applications are broadening beyond keeping secrets, and proving identity. Two major categories are:

  • Mistrustful Collaboration
  • Digital Currency
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