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BitMint is a non-speculative centralized digital money anchored on an underlying commodity (e.g. US$, Gold), built on the premise that neither of the erosive ciphers that underlie Bitcoin and its imitators is sufficiently robust to support a prevailing universal digital form of money. BitMint, therefore, is not based on ECC, RSA, or any other "private key"-"public key" combination (all of them are proven breakable (*)), but rather on the enduring principle of equivocation.

Much like the Vernam cipher, invented in 1917, is withstanding all its cracking effort, so does BitMint -- rendering BitMint into the obvious choice for the universal digital money in the 21st century.

(*) BitMint is making use of asymmetric ciphers, but is not basing the currency on them.
* Version CE-H6703 (SERVER) Crypto Academy